About Us

United Property Group, Ltd.

The Main Thing:  We exist to be the most effective management company we can possibly be, maximizing the value of each property by servicing our residents in a way that sets us apart in the marketplace.

Our Six Core Values

1. Excellence:  We strive to bring our "A-game" to everything that we do, whether it's our responsiveness, our attitude, or our knowledge.  We want to reflect excellence.  No one knows more or works harder than us.

2. We learn from our mistakes:  We encourage each other to take chances and make decisions, celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes so they are not repeated.

3. Communication:  We strive to over-communicate in all situations.  When in doubt, we communicate through all available mediums, attempting to be as culturally current as possible.

4. Compassion:  We treat everyone we come in contact with, including our fellow employees and our residents, with compassion.  We do not know everything that have gone through or are going through.

5. God centered:  We accept all owners, employees, and residents wherever they are in their spiritual journey, but our company is based on Christian principals, and we strive to be an example to others in this manner.

6. We do more with less:  We are always trying to find ways to accomplish more with fewer resources - less time, less money, less energy, so we can accomplish more on any given day while we maximize income and minimize expenses.